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  • Amanda Fox

Welcome. Take a Glimpse Into Abuse.

Take a glimpse into domestic, emotional, and psychological abuse.

Hey, There! I'm Amanda! I am a survivor, storyteller, writer, and singer whose voice was hampered by my abuser for years. I am now speaking out in hopes to bring light to this type of abuse.

Although I came from an educated family of therapists, preachers, and nurses and have my own background in psychology, I still didn’t know I was being emotionally abused until my abuser left.

I want to educate people on what abuse can look and feel like.

I want to explain signs of what it looks like to be a victim.

I want to explain signs of what it looks like to be an abuser.

I want to explain how an abuser becomes an abuser.

I want to explain how a victim becomes a victim.

I want to share stories of other survivors and create a safe community.

I want to reach people who feel “this has nothing to do with me” because I assure you, it does.

I want to clarify what red flags are and teach people how to listen to their gut instincts.

I want to learn and teach about forgiveness and empathy for abusers.

I want to offer resources for people to reach out and get help.

I want to talk about co-parenting with your abuser.

I want to discuss how to teach your kids about boundaries and abuse without talking poorly about the parent who is the abuser.

Thank you for being a part of this community, and I look forward to knowing you more!

With light,




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